[Report] POPUP store in NAGOYA

Hello . .

&tete ambassador

@m_____b92 Here it is 🦥!

POP UP Nagoya was a great success the other day!

Have you come across any wonderful products?

A lot of nice people in a stylish space,

Just by going to POP UP,

I feel sparkling ✨

Dear @meture_official

Dear @li.li.i_an

Dear @piii___acc

And the &tete owner, Ayaka-chan

Thank you for your hard work . .

Hold the 2nd time! I also heard that

(perhaps in the same place

Maybe someday,,,? (Expect ❤︎))

For those who couldn't go this time

I want to tell you what the atmosphere was like.

I'm afraid to report it 🖋

Open at 10:00.

I heard that there was a line even before the opening 👏

By the time I visited, it was already a great success! ! !

First of all, take a quick look at this wonderful entrance 📸

I just stood at the entrance and took a picture

Very stylish atmosphere! ! !


Another stylish shooting spot on the left side🌿

Too fashionable 🤍

if you see this

Of course, stay here! more


Or cute.

Isn't it too fashionable just to sit here? 🥹

I had a lot of Pasha Pasha 🙏

Well, finally meet the products!

[ Mr. @piii___acc ]

[ @li.li.i_an ]

[ @and_tete  ]

(Owner Ayaka-chan brought us a lot of products, and since we arrived, the number has increased!)

Overseas children's clothes and toys

Mainly online purchases,

Because I can't actually see the product in the middle of the day,

I understand the size feeling this time,

The actual product is nicer than the photo! ! !

What a find! There was also a lot 👏

Lined up like this, it's already so wonderful that I want them all,,, 🤤

son and daughter, baby toly, mushie

It was a very popular image!

I will post the product page here.

If you are interested, please take a look ❤︎

son and daughter (currently on sale!)

baby friendly



Place an order with @meture_official ,

I went to the second floor🫖

Here is the menu.

Herbal tea with chamomile and lemongrass

I ordered ice cream and granola🍨

Both were very delicious 😋❤︎

The space on the second floor was also very stylish!

They prepared baby gates,

It is okay to give baby food,

My son also takes a break here once and recovers! ! !

The space on the second floor looks like this.

The baby gate was installed in front of this bookshelf.

(I forgot to take a picture of the important thing,,,)

I was allowed to sit here with my friends,

Just sit down for a stylish shot 📸❤︎

After that, I enjoyed the product again and went home.

Let me stay like this for a long time,

Thank you very much 🥺🤍

It's been a really fun day!

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Part 2 Did the passion of hope come through? 🤭 (laughs)

Please come to the POP UP shop when the 2nd event is held☺️🤍