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Tokyo Ribbon's Fledge Ribbon etc.

wrapping used

Wrapping using brown ribbon x shop seal etc.

Wrapping will change depending on the size and the ribbon that is available at that time.

Those who wish to wrap multiple items ↓

● When combining two or more points into one

Please purchase one wrapping and let us know the items to be wrapped together in the order memo.

●If you would like to wrap in multiple boxes

As many as the number to divide and wrap,
add wrapping

for example
When purchasing 4 items and wrapping 2 items in 2 boxes
Add 2 wrappings (total 700 yen)
Write two to wrap together in the remarks column.

Happybirthday, hello baby, etc.

If you would like a card, please write it in the order memo.

Please use it when you give it as a gift ♡

Standard shipping 510 yen (no tracking guarantee)

Standard shipping with tracking 710 yen Yu-pack 1300 yen (Hokkaido Okinawa +1000)
Free shipping on orders over 11,000 yen

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