Big Volcano Wooden To

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A large volcano figure.
It is divided into three parts and can be assembled like a puzzle.

• Big volcano toy made with love for kids,
Developed with the anatomical features of a child's arm in mind.
It feels nice to the touch.

Toys have various textures,
Helps develop motor skills.
in the hands of a child,
Toys become guides to a world of wonder and adventure.

playing with our toys
Instill a love of nature and animals,
Develop creativity and improve attention span.

Toys are perfect as an educational or developmental playset for imaginative play, parties, school projects and crafts.

• All toys are handmade and
Made from 100% Alder wood.

All toys use wood, water, water-based paint, linseed oil and bio-wax in their production.
All materials are high quality, non-toxic, and labeled 'for children' and 'BIO'.
Bio toys are safe for your child!

The price is for one volcano.

Dimensions: Height 18.5 cm (7.28")
22,8 cm (8,98") long
2 cm (0.8") thick

Standard shipping 510 yen (no tracking guarantee)

Standard shipping with tracking 710 yen Yu-pack 1300 yen (Hokkaido Okinawa +1000)
Free shipping on orders over 11,000 yen

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