Garbo & Friends / Muslin Swaddle Blanket

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carbo and friends swaddle

1. BlueBell (second piece)

2. blackberry (3rd photo)

3. honeysuckle (fourth piece)

4.Blue Berry (fifth piece)

5.Folia (6th)

6. Mimosa (7th)

Because it is a large size, it can be used not only as a swaddle for newborns but also as a nap blanket,
You can also use it as a sunshade for your stroller when you go out.

Material 100% muslin cotton

The fabric is breathable and has excellent water absorption, so it can be used safely for babies.
Every time you wash it, it gently blends into your skin.

There are many people who are chosen as a baby gift,
Garbo and Friends swaddles are also recommended as gifts.

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