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⚪︎Inquiries/Instagram DM reception Monday-Friday 10:00-24:00

⚪︎ Scheduled to ship 2 days a week pm

Ready-to-ship items will be shipped within 1-5 business days.

*If you purchase an instant delivery item and a reserved item together, it will be shipped on the same day as the reserved item, so it cannot be shipped within 5 days.

If you want instant delivery products immediately,
Please purchase separately.

⚪︎ All products are overseas products.

Compared to Japanese products, overseas products are somewhat different, and even brand new products may have minor scratches or stains.

For imported products from overseas,
There may be scratches or dents on the outer box.

All products are opened once and inspected before delivery.

Please refrain from those who want perfect things like Japanese products.

Since most of the products are directly wholesaled from factories, there are many unbranded items.

From the factories we do business with,
We wholesale to toy manufacturers in Northern Europe, America, and Europe.

If you have any concerns about quality,
Please refrain from doing so.

⚪︎ Except for obvious defective products,
We cannot accept returns or exchanges.
Please purchase after understanding.

⚪︎ Pre-order sales will take about 2-5 weeks.

If the overseas manufacturer is out of stock at the time of reservation,
We will give you a full refund.

In the case of a popular item, it may be out of stock after a short period of time, so please understand before purchasing.

〇Regarding pre-ordered products Pre-ordered products that have not yet arrived are sold at a 10% discount.

Since the texture of the material is not clear here, we are offering it at a low price.
There may be slight differences from the photo.

After understanding,
Please purchase it.

Thank you for confirming to the end.
Thank you ︎︎︎︎.

We distribute discount coupons to shop followers every month,
Thank you for using

Please purchase your favorite items at a great price ♡

Standard shipping 510 yen (no tracking guarantee)

Standard shipping with tracking 710 yen Yu-pack 1300 yen (Hokkaido Okinawa +1000)
Free shipping on orders over 11,000 yen

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