lotus hanger

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Simple and basic wood hanger

A long-selling item from SHISEI that makes use of natural materials.
It has a good texture and texture, and will give your wardrobe a sophisticated look.

The S size is perfect as a hanger for kids.
Both can be combined with wood press hangers to create a unified space.


L about 39cm

S about 30cm

diameter 78cm
Weight 105g


It will be wrapped in bubble wrap and delivered in a box.

Standard shipping 510 yen (no tracking guarantee)

Standard shipping with tracking 710 yen Yu-pack 1300 yen (Hokkaido Okinawa +1000)
Free shipping on orders over 11,000 yen

The product image is an image.
As it is an overseas product,
There are parts that are softer than Japanese-made products
There are cases.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges for these reasons.
Specifications such as packing methods may change.
Please note.

If you would like wrapping, please select options
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